Friday, July 27, 2012

This Redneck woman likes her beer.....

My city is having it's first beer fest this Sunday and the Geek and I stoked, we can't wait to go. It's at the fairgrounds so it will be outside and lately we've been incredibly hot, but it's microbrewed beer! I can't wait! I'm so looking forward to going and having awesome beer. I enjoy wine, I really do, but there is something about a good microbrew that I just really enjoy, especially on a hot August day.

I'm partial to Blue Moon and Sam Adams and we have two microbrewies, well, actually three, the third one makes their own pecan beer and it is absolutely amazing! Love it! I used to drink Bud and Coors, but now days, I want the Belgian ales and the darker beers, not Coors and Budlight, that stuff just isn't the same as a good microbrew. My husband got a beer of the month membership for six months from his company one year, that was incredible, microbrews from across the US, we had some amazing beer that six months.

So y'all raise a glass of your favorite beer or wine and kick back and relax with me this weekend. Let's toast to BBQs, good friends, family, and summer time fun.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Why I wish I hadn't been a complete tomboy growing up...

If I had been just a tiny bit girly things like curling my own hair would be a hell of a lot easier. We’re not even going to talk about makeup as I don’t wear it. I don’t wear it because I’m lazy, that’s all, just lazy. My husband prefers that I not wear it and since I never really learned how to apply it properly I’m good with not wearing it. I wear mascara occasionally. I did however buy a curling iron, it looked easy and simple. It is if I’m just curling the front of my hair. So realizing that I bought something that is made for longer hair that what I have I went and bought a different curling iron. I’ll be using it tomorrow.

I want to learn how to curl my hair because it looks better, especially for work, and because I have a ten month old daughter and someday she’s going to have more hair than she currently does. I want to be able to do something with it. Also, I’m 31 I should be able to curl my own damn hair.

Martha Stewart I may not be, but I try

I bought a sewing machine in Feb/Mar. and decided to take up sewing. I haven’t sewn with a machine since 1997. The last thing I made were sheep blankets for show sheep. Along with the sewing machine I bought a book of beginner projects and I have at this time attempted to make a skirt four times. I tried to make them for my ten month old daughter, unfortunately I didn’t do a very good job and instead of being a cute skirt one ended up as a tube top, one ended up as a smaller tube top, and the last two were pencil skirts that had she been auditioning for Mad Men would have gotten her the part.

Realizing that I’m terrible at making things that are for tiny people under the age of 2, I moved on to something different. I bought a kit for an apron and made it, and lo and behold it came out decent. Matter of fact, the picture up there showing me and the little, that’s the apron I made. I made a second apron for my mother in law and then one based on a tutorial from Pinterest using an old men’s dress shirt. I’m currently making a fourth and fifth apron. I figure if I get good at making aprons then I can move to something bigger.

I also make custom wreaths, I enjoy making wreaths, it takes time, but its fun and I do the design and the work and then attempt to sell them to people who really don’t want to buy a wreath. I need to work on the selling thing. I knit, but I knit on the Kniffy Knitter Looms rather than with knitting needles. I usually end up stabbing myself with the thin needles and no matter the size I never get the tension right and can’t figure out how to do anything other than casting on.

I’m certainly not Martha Stewart, one I dont’ have money and two I don’t have an abused staff of peons to do my bidding. Though if I did I would certainly be ruling the world by now.