Sunday, March 18, 2012

Do you ever have those days?

My poor husband deserves a medal for staying married to me some days.  Not all days mind you, but some like today, the man deserves a parade or something in his honor.  It all started over Ramen.  All I wanted was some Ramen, which I thought we had.  We did not, so I offered to stare longingly into the pantry for a bit and then slump on the couch.  My husband said why not go out and get some chips or something?  I looked outside, it's blowing wind gusts of up to 41 to 52 miles an hour here, that is according to, and it's so incredibly dusty you can barely see past the road behind our house.  I say no, I'd rather not go out and he offers to do so.  Yea I think, I'm going to get chips!

He brings home crunchy Cheetos and Mac and Cheese, the kind you pop in the microwave, because I've been talking about how badly I want Mac and Cheese and Cheetos are just well awesome.  The disappointment is obvious, I'm not thrilled with what he's brought home and now he feels terrible.  I apologize and thank him, he offers to go out for something else, and I say no it's fine.  I eat the Mac and Cheese with some Cheetos and watch something on Netflix that is mildly entertaining.

It's disgusting outside, the perfect day for a nap or video games, the least I could do is appreciate what my husband brought home.  Besides, I'm enjoying a little quiet time while the little one naps.