Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kailee's First Halloween

As we all know, Halloween was last night, this was kidlet's first Halloween.  She was Batgirl and she was adorable! She went with me to work and met a few co-workers and when it was all said and done she left with a quite few new fans.  Thinking back to my childhood Halloween was fun, but it was typically cold, one year we even had snow.  Here though, the weather was warm and sunny and Kailee for a two month old seemed to enjoy herself.

We didn't pass out candy this year, but I did brave the lines at K-Mart to buy some for us to munch on.  Next year we plan to actually take Kailee trick or treating as she be a year old by then and while we don't want the candy so much we do want the experience.

It's amazing all the firsts one can experience with their child, first holidays, first haircuts, first words, being a parent while at times is exhausting it's also an incredible experience that I'm happy to have.