Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bucket List!

So I decided it was time to create a bucket list, all the things I'd like to accomplish before I leave this realm, planet, existence, whatever you prefer, so here goes:

1. Travel to Ireland as quite a few of my ancestors are Irish and I've always wanted to go there
2. Travel to Germany if only to drink the beer lol
3. Go on a road trip and eat at every single restaurant featured on the Food Network, this may not be a possibility, but I'd like to try
4. Go the Superbowl
5. Go the Kentucky Derby just once and do it with a big hat lol
6. Go the Smithsonian
7. Go to Las Vegas
8. Visit Disney Land
9. Go to New York City
10. Get a tattoo by Kat Von D
11. Go to a Suns game with my little brother, yes, Jay, I mean you
12. Go horseback riding with my kids, when we have them
13. Go the Grand Canyon
14. Go to the San Diego Zoo and Aquarium 
15. Visit hubby's hometown
16. Go camping, I've never been
17. Go deer hunting, again, never been
18. Go fishing, seeing a trend here?, never done that either
19. Drive an incredibly expensive car and not buy it
20. Go on a helicopter ride
21. Ride in a hot air balloon
22. Go to Comic Con
23. Travel to England
24. Open a restaurant with my husband

That's what I've got so far :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Redneck has resolutions! Yes, that right, resolutions, now listen up....

Because here they are:

1) Lose weight.  Everyone moan and groan now, sigh, hang your head, I know, I know typical resolution.  However, since hubby and I have been working on this since 2008 well, you know, we're getting there.

2)  Talk to my family more often.  With the aid of Skype I think this will be accomplished.

3)  Try to move up at work.  Currently working on this.

4) Stop and breathe!  Take a moment to just enjoy my husband, God, family, friends, or just the fact that the idiot who cut me off in traffic and went speeding past is now on the side of the road explaining to the nice officer where he was going in such a hurry.

5) Start a family.  Yes, we're trying, let's just leave it at that.

6)  Figure out what my husband does for a living, seriously, I have no idea, okay, I'm joking, but joking aside I would like to show my husband more often that I appreciate all of his hard work so that we can have a home and a vehicle and food on the table.

7) Spend more time with friends because you honestly don't know what tomorrow will bring.

8) Don't let someone's rude/nasty/petty comment ruin my day, I chose my mood, I chose my attitude, I chose my reaction, and I chose not to let you ruin my day.

9) Learn to accept a compliment without turning the same color as a tomato and ducking my head, or at least stop ducking my head.

10) Bake something for my husband and not burn down the house, I'll get back to you on that one.

11) Exercise at least 4 times a week.

12) Spend time with hubby more, date nights are in order.

13) Make a bucket list and try to check something off.

14) Finish the baby blanket that is taking years to complete.  And the scarf that I just started.  Maybe I should have finished the blanket first.

15) Be thankful for each and every day that I have on this Earth.

16) Smile at a complete stranger for absolutely no reason as much as possible.  Either they'll think I'm insane or it will brighten their day.