Sunday, August 15, 2010

The difference between a Redneck and a Geek when it comes to weeds...

Growing up as a kid, pulling weeds was a normal summer chore.  Mom and Dad were usually busy with the horses and neither liked seeing our home messy or unclean or cluttered so my little brother and I were sent out to pull weeds.  Most kids hate pulling weeds.  I was the exception and still am, to me pulling weeds is a chance for my brain to shut down and I can zone out and think about whatever I want.  Can't tell you how many times I've pulled weeds and thought of a way to solve a problem, came up with new ways to fix something in the house, or found a way to put into words words that my husband can understand so that instead of fighting about an issue we have an honest discussion.  

On the other hand, hubby the geek sees weed pulling as an evil but necessary chore that he detests and will avoid at all costs.  When he walks into the backyard his thoughts are, "Oh look the weeds swaying in the weed actually look really pretty." whereas I'm thinking, "Uh, they're weeds, they need to go."  It makes me laugh that he can walk outside and see something beautiful and I see a chore that I enjoy, but in the end it works, Jason doesn't like pulling weeds, but I do, so I'll gladly take on the chore any day.