Thursday, May 27, 2010

Love my husband! And did you see this?

Hubby has been planning to buy me a new laptop and we had the laptop picked out and everything and we were planning to buy it in mid June. I come home today and work out and shower and go to my old laptop out and realize I'm missing my mouse, so I go to Jason's office and grab it off a shiny new laptop. I tell Jason I've got my mouse and he asks me did you see what the mouse was on? I respond with uhhh no...wait a minute, is that my new laptop??? Yes he tells me, so I have a new laptop!!!

And did anyone see the smoking 2 year old toddler? What??? Why in the world would you let your child do that? Why would you give them a cigarette in the first place? What kind of parent does that?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

You ate what?????

Jason and I discovered chocolate covered bacon a while back while watching the Food Network. We took down the recipe and then we tried it and it was incredible! It was awesome, so the other night we're watching Food Network per usual and they do a segment on this candy maker that makes exotic chocolate and what not. Immediately Jason tells me to Google it, we do so, and we find that they sell chocolate bacon pancake mix. Yes, that's right, chocolate bacon pancake mix. Of course we ordered it, and it was amazing! The site is and it's definitely worth checking out.

We also had bacon and steak quesadillas with apple, cheese, and Dijon mustard, oh holy cow were they ever good! The bacon and apple of course go well together, but surprisingly the steak is incredibly good with the apple. We served it with steak fries and honey mustard sauce for dipping. Mmmmm that was a awesome dinner!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Confession: I'm addicted to movie theaters

That's right you read the title correctly. I'm a huge movie fan, but I absolutely positively adore going to see a movie in a theater. As a kid, going to the movies wasn't something my family did, we had to drive to Clovis to go, then we had to pay for tickets and then there's food, and my Dad just couldn't handle sitting for that long, so we didn't go. The first time I stepped into a movie theater was in the fourth grade with my Aunt. After that I got to see movies only when I was on a FFA trip, for me it was a big thing, they asked what do you want to do and give you the option of a movie or say bowling or whatever, me? Well you guessed it, I went to the movies.

Then comes college and I find that roommate and suite-mates and a friend in our dorm really enjoy going to the movies, so we go out and see a few. I have a great time and then, well then I meet Jason, that's the geek in the relationship. Jason grew up going to the movies with his Dad and the two of them would do it all the time. Movie night was my favorite date, and with Jason I got to see more and more movies, but I never told him that for me, going to a movie theater is just an incredible experience for me. I mean, come on, I'm 29 years old, this should be an every day thing right? That's the funny thing though, until I met Jason I didn't get much of an opportunity to go.

A couple of months ago I turn to my husband as we're walking out of the theater and I thank him for taking me. He smiles and tells me "you're welcome" and that's when I stop him and tell him what going to the movies and going with especially really means to me. Going to the movies with Jason means I get to spend time with him and I get to do something as a kid that everyone always talked about and I got to do once or twice a year. I'm catching up on what I missed out on growing up and while it's not a big thing for most people, for me, it's something I don't want to ever miss out on again.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Have you hugged a Mother today?

Happy Mother's Day! I got to talk to mine last night and she even wished me a Happy Mother's Day, though I don't have any kids yet, she said you have four cats and you're their Momma so Happy Mother's Day! It was really sweet of her!

So how is everyone's Sunday today? All the Mom's out there enjoy their day? I want to take a moment to tell how you much my Mom and my Grandmother mean to me. My Mom raised me right, taught me manners and how to be a civilized adult but she also taught me to be independent and how to stand up for myself. My Grandmother taught me to be a survivor, after years of abuse she finally got out of an abusive marriage, raised six kids on her own in the South Valley of Albuquerque and made a life for herself and her kids. She never once gave up and it's drive and determination that courses through my very veins now and I have her to thank for that.

So Happy Mother's Day to every Mother out there, whether you have kids or pets, you deserve a special thank you for all you do.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dessert Nachos, Iron Man 2, New Books I'm Reading, Music I'm Loving, busy, busy, busy!

Jason is currently making Dessert Nachos and I can't wait! They smell really good lol! I haven't had any yet, they're not done, but as soon as they are I'll let y'all know how they turned out and if possible I'll post his recipe too. Next weekend we're going to do grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon and green apple slices, mmmmm! We also had sushi with Kelly Jason's Mom, it was a lot of fun, I hope she has an incredible Mother's Day, she's an incredible Mom!

We also saw Iron Man 2 last night, loved it!! Really great movie, of course it doesn't hurt that I'm Robert Downey Jr. fan, I really enjoy his work. I loved Sherlock Holmes, I'm eagerly waiting for the next movie. When Thor comes out we'll hit that one and we'll see Captain America. Chris Evans is playing Captain America, he was in the Losers, that movie rocked too, loved it. Iron Man was great, lots of action, some really funny comments, all in all exactly what I want in an action movie and of course Scarlett Johansen is hot in it! Though she doesn't have a ton of lines, I mean, it's not like all she did was kick butt and stare into the camera, she did talk, just not as much as I was expecting. Though it really worked well for the character she plays. Mickey Rourke did an excellent job, much better than I was actually expecting him to do to be honest. Really enjoyable movie.

I also bought the Iron Man book based on the first movie from Amazon, haven't started reading it just yet, but I've heard good things about it. I'm also reading a book about the CW series Supernatural, it's by Joe Schreiber and it's called The Unholy Cause, so far so good, it' about this Civil War re-enactment that suddenly becomes incredibly real, as in one of the actors just starts killing people in the middle of the re-enactment, I haven't gotten very far into the book yet, but I like it so far, I'll let you know more about that one. And of course I picked up a CSI book called Quantum that I'm in the middle of and need to finish, it's actually really good, easy to get into and keeps my interest.

I need to download some new workout music and I really want to the get Lady Antebellum cd or put it on the Ipod because I really like them. The song Need You Now is awesome of course, but they have a really great CD out and I've always been a country music fan. I'm also really looking forward to Christian Kane to release his full cd, he has a partial one released, but I want the full cd, not the partial. While the video is incredibly strange, I love the song Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyonce, the video is weird, it's very weird, but the song is great to work out to lol! I downloaded some Theory Of A Dead Man and now have Hate My Life and Little Smirk on my work out music. So yeah, that's what I've got going on right now, and y'all?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You know you're tired when...and working from home

You can't even remember your own phone number. I've been working from home doing a remote testing trial and I have to say, it's been quite the experience, a good experience, but different. This morning however I was testing my phone to see if there was an echo on the headset and intelligent redneck that I am I decided I would dial my cell and see if there was an echo. First problem, I couldn't remember my own cell number and had to ask Jason my geek hubby. Second problem, I'm calling my own phone d'oh! If I'm calling it, who's going to answer right? So I ended up handing my cell to Jason to answer. Yes, what an awesome start to my day lol!

I'm feeling a little out of sorts with this home project thing, though the longer I do it, the more I like it. My computer is set up next one of our living room windows so I get to sit by the window in the sun and there's a lizard that's been running back and forth for three days now along our rock wall. All four cats have yet to notice the lizard and I'm kind of hoping to keep it that way, I don't want them climbing and scrambling all over me while I'm on the phone haha, that would not be good for customer service! I was worried that working from home if I ran into a caller that wasn't happy that I might have difficulty handling the call, at work I can simply find a team lead and go from there, at home I can transfer to a team lead or e-mail one, or I can step up and handle it as best I can. That's one of the many good things to come of the remote testing, I'm finding that I can handle the angry callers just fine on my own, just like I do at work. Another nice thing is that it's quiet here, I don't have the noise of everyone else taking calls along with me.

The downside to working from home however is that while Jason is here, we're both working and it's somewhat lonely without the face to face interaction of my co-workers and my team lead whom I miss dearly by the way! Love you guys! With that being said though, it's actually quite cool to be doing this and to be one of the few selected is an incredible feeling. I love my job!

Welcome to My Blog

Hello and Welcome!

It hit me today that I really enjoy keeping in touch with new and old friends alike on Facebook and Twitter, but there's only so much space to write in lol! So I've started this blog, well restarted I should say, did some tweaking, changed the name, dolled it up a bit and here we are. I'll post whenever I can and I hope that those who wander by enjoy reading whatever I post, I mean, c'mon, I've got some really great stories about how clumsy I am, the cats, four of them, and my incredible husband.

So sit back, relax, and let the good times roll y'all....