Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fed kidlet a home cooked meal and my house didn't burn down

The Geek is out of town this week (which means I'm on my own with the kidlet) and instead of eating out for every meal as I have done in the past I decided I would cook.  Yes, that's right, me, cooking, well, before anyone gets excited and calls the Fire Department, I didn't use the oven and the house didn't burn down.  I made pulled pork in the crock pot.  I did order pizza the first night, but that's a long standing tradition for us.  I found this incredibly easy recipe on Pinterest and then promptly lost the recipe but I remembered three of the four ingredients.  I came home and Google Fu-ed the recipe and came across one on Tablespoon that used the three ingredients I bought.

It came out so damn good that I considered eating it for breakfast this morning.  I didn't, but it was a near thing.  Today I'm making pineapple chicken, it's cooking in the crock pot right now.  I'm awesome with the crock pot...because you put everything in and walk away.  Oddly enough I also enjoy baking and I even made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

I'm not Martha Stewart by any means, I still think she secretly hates me, yes I realize she has no idea I even exist, but she is all knowing and she knows without knowing that I exist.  Okay fine, she terrifies me.

The pulled pork recipe:
Pulled Pork

Pineapple Chicken Recipe
Pineapple Chicken

Enjoy :)

Monday, April 29, 2013

What do you mean it's almost May?

May.  It's almost May.  Which means Mother's Day, which means that after that is Father's Day, then it's Fourth of July, then it's the Geek's birthday, and then it's kidlet's birthday and then Labor Day, and yeah, where did 2013 go? 

No, seriously, where did this year go?  It's already May and I feel like I haven't accomplished hardly anything.  I'm going to San Diego in June, kidlet will be 2 years old this year, it's just insanity to me that it's already May.

Which brings me to Mother's Day, love it or hate, celebrate it or don't, it's a big thing in most households.  Kidlet, the Geek, and his family will be going with me to the zoo.  I'm so excited, I love the zoo and I can't wait to see kidlet's reaction to everything.  She's going to have an awesome time :)  So if you celebrate or don't, have a Happy Mother's Day, or if you're like me, every day is Mother's Day :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Things my child says...

I like to have conversations with my daughter.  Granted she's only 17 months old, but I enjoy talking to her.  Mostly because she responds with either gibberish or just repeats whatever I'm saying, but she does ask for milk when she wants milk and to be held.  She's learning and it's amazing to watch.  The best part though by far is the things she says to me.

Me: "Do you want your milk?"

Kidlet: "NO!"

Me: "Are you sure you don't want your milk?" I ask as I hand it to her.

Kidlet: "NO!"  She tells me as she grabs her milk and then walks off.

Me: "I don't think that word means what you think it means."

The Geek: "We should watch Princess Bride."

These are typically how conversations in my home go. 

We have now taught kidlet to say things such as Hi and Bye, which she likes to say over and over and over again until she gets a response.  Most people are happy to tell her Hi or Bye, we've had a few who have not been so pleased, but it doesn't seem to bother kidlet.  She can also say kitty, big kitty, Mama, Papa (which is what she calls me sometimes), Daddy, door, window, ut-oh, she also says Bless You when we sneeze, she's learning so much and just taking it all in and it's a joy to watch. 

I really do enjoy my conversations with my daughter.

Beer commercials that you make cry

Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone and there were two commercials that stood out for me.  The Budweiser commercial about the Clydesdale made me tear up, I'm serious, I was actually in tears watching that commercial.  I've never cried over beer much less a beer commercial but I cried last night watching that horse reunite with his former owner.  I grew up on a horse farm and I think that's why it hit so close to home for me.  The second commercial that I absolutely adored was the Dodge commercial about being a farmer, I admit, I shed a few tears during that one too.  I really didn't have any others that I was all that impressed with, although the Dorito's commercial with the goat was pretty funny.  My team didn't win, but it was fun to watch so all in all a good day.  I still tear up every time I think of that Clydesdale.

Losing weight sucks

I made a New Year's resolution to attain my goal weight this year.  I know I'm not alone in this resolution and I know I'm not the only struggling in this resolution.  I find that when I am brutally honest with myself I realize that I'm not seeing the results I want because I'm not putting forth the effort I should be.  Sure I work out and I count my calories, but what about those little calories that I don't put in, the I just ate one Hershey kiss no need to track it, or I worked out I walked on my treadmill, but I could have done it on an incline and at a higher speed and for 45 minutes instead of 30 minutes. 

*Sigh* Here it is four days into February and I'm still struggling.  I have a good week, lose a bit, then lose some more, and then manage to find some way to sabotage myself and have to start all over again.  Tonight I'm headed after to the grocery store in search of fruit and vegetables and tomorrow I will plan to work out for longer and a higher speed.  I've found that I just have to take one day at a time.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Martha Stewart I am not

I'm not Martha Stewart, I don't have the same capabilities that she does, nor do I have a staff to yell at or make demands of, I can't cook like she does or sew, or cut my own firewood to make woodland creatures out of (I honestly don't know if she's done that, I'm assuming she has) but, I try, I try very hard to be crafty and make wreaths and centerpieces and sew and loom knit.  Most days I feel like I'm terrible at it, but I recently put some items I made in a Winter Bazaare and I actually sold a few things.  Then I got a custom order.  I'm ;pretty excited about this.  Granted I never did finish making my daughter's costume, bit off  a bit more than I could chew, but I made her dress, it was somewhat terrible, but I did sell two wreaths and an apron and two scarves and a hat and got the custom order from it.

So Martha Stewart I am not, but that's okay, because I'm doing this as me and one of these days I might just sell more than a wreath or two.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weight Watchers and weight loss

I have rejoined Weight Watchers and have taken up jogging.  Jogging, not running, just jogging.  Ten minutes of jogging, five days a week is my goal along with twenty of minutes of walking five days a week.  We'll see how it goes.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Update on sewing projects

I finiished Kailee's dress, I did mess it up at the bottom, but all in all it didn't come out half bad.  I've got the pattern cut out for her costume now I just have to start sewing and I finished the orange and white apron.  I've bought some new patterns for new aprons that I'm really looking forward to trying out.

Friday, July 27, 2012

This Redneck woman likes her beer.....

My city is having it's first beer fest this Sunday and the Geek and I stoked, we can't wait to go. It's at the fairgrounds so it will be outside and lately we've been incredibly hot, but it's microbrewed beer! I can't wait! I'm so looking forward to going and having awesome beer. I enjoy wine, I really do, but there is something about a good microbrew that I just really enjoy, especially on a hot August day.

I'm partial to Blue Moon and Sam Adams and we have two microbrewies, well, actually three, the third one makes their own pecan beer and it is absolutely amazing! Love it! I used to drink Bud and Coors, but now days, I want the Belgian ales and the darker beers, not Coors and Budlight, that stuff just isn't the same as a good microbrew. My husband got a beer of the month membership for six months from his company one year, that was incredible, microbrews from across the US, we had some amazing beer that six months.

So y'all raise a glass of your favorite beer or wine and kick back and relax with me this weekend. Let's toast to BBQs, good friends, family, and summer time fun.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Why I wish I hadn't been a complete tomboy growing up...

If I had been just a tiny bit girly things like curling my own hair would be a hell of a lot easier. We’re not even going to talk about makeup as I don’t wear it. I don’t wear it because I’m lazy, that’s all, just lazy. My husband prefers that I not wear it and since I never really learned how to apply it properly I’m good with not wearing it. I wear mascara occasionally. I did however buy a curling iron, it looked easy and simple. It is if I’m just curling the front of my hair. So realizing that I bought something that is made for longer hair that what I have I went and bought a different curling iron. I’ll be using it tomorrow.

I want to learn how to curl my hair because it looks better, especially for work, and because I have a ten month old daughter and someday she’s going to have more hair than she currently does. I want to be able to do something with it. Also, I’m 31 I should be able to curl my own damn hair.